Want to uninstall an application? Download AppRemover

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Want more control ? Try the Gears tool

  • Improve Device Security Gears allows you to monitor your protection software applications and their status, and detect and remove expired or unwanted security applications.
  • Detect Infections Gears looks at the threats detected by your installed antivirus plus scans your running processes with 40+ anti-malware engines.
  • Securely Access Data Gears Session Shield offers Windows users a secure desktop solution that allows sensitive files to be downloaded and edited, but leaving no trace of the activity on the computer after the session ends.

Want to manage it all from afar? Try Gears cloud management

  • Monitor Anytime, anywhere visibility for up to 25 desktops, laptops, servers and/or virtual machines: free.
  • Manage Create your own device policies and receive notifications on issues with antivirus, firewall and public sharing applications and automatically remediate these issues.
  • Enforce Access control with seamless integration to secure access solutions like SSL-VPN, NAC, IPsec VPN and NGFW.